A Christmas Carol

Guthrie Theater

The Courtroom:
A Re-enactment of One Woman's Deportation Proceedings

Jungle Theater

"The story is presented in a very straightforward manner, yet somehow engenders great empathy. Much of that is thanks to Stephanie Anne Bertumen's beautiful performance as Elizabeth, fully embodying this real life us a sense of who she was." -Cherry and Spoon

“...Stephanie Anne Bertumen as Elizabeth Keathley.…has some moments when she needs to compose herself, but as with every aspect of performance in The's indistinguishable from real life, so naturalistic...." -The Stages of MN

"It's not monotone or devoid of emotion, it's devoid of what we think of as acting, it feels real, which is a credit to all of the actors involved." -The Stages of MN

“As directed by James Rodriguez (a familiar face on stage), the actors...don't seem to be acting at all, they just become these people." -Cherry and Spoon

"This was one of the best uses of a nontraditional performance space that I have been witness to....and it becomes increasingly easy to lose sight of the proceedings as performance….Which is deceptively hard to actually pull off and what makes the event so unique and engrossing." -The Stages of MN

"This is what theater is meant to be and do." -audience member

"It was riveting and forced me to walk in the shoes of a life I needed to understand." -audience member

"...there isn't a false moment from anyone in the show." -The Stages of MN     

Bernarda Alba

Theater Latté Da

“And Stephanie Bertumen: Wow.” -John Olive, How Was the Show?
“...Bertumen, also gifted, is less widely known, but that seems likely to change soon. Here, she’s perfectly cast in a role that employs both sympathetic spunk and tragic depth.” -Jay Gabler, City Pages

The Winter's Tale

Ten Thousand Things 



Flower Drum Song

Park Square Theatre / Mu Performing Arts co-production

"Stephanie Bertumen also provides a believably youthful, wide-eyed naivete as ingenue Mei-Li." -David and Chelsea Bergland, How Was the Show?
"Neither Stephanie Bertumen as Mei-Li nor Sherwin Resurreccion as Wang are AEA members (yet) but carry their lead roles with conviction. Bertumen has a sweet singing voice." -BWW Review 
"Bertumen conveys Mei-Li's simplicity, her pride in her heritage, her integrity, and a tenderness in her love that win us over from the start." -Arthur Dorman, Regional Reviews Minneapolis/St. Paul 
"Bertumen is positively luminous as Mei-Li, the true believer who provides the story's moral and emotional center." -Jay Gabler, City Pages

The Last Firefly

Children's Theatre Company

tot: The Untold, Yet Spectacular Story of (a Filipino) Hulk Hogan

Mu Performing Arts

"Stephanie Bertumen plays younger sister Kitty, believably teeter-tottering between eager playmate and heartless tormentor." -Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway

Complicated Fun: the Minneapolis Music Scene

History Theatre

"....Its most human story revolves around a girl (Stephanie Bertumen) who finds her muse and her voice in the club music and record store buzz in Minneapolis, circa 1984. Bertumen’s rendering of the Replacements’ 'Androgynous' near the top of the second act — playing her own guitar — is one of the play’s nicest, most honest moments." -Graydon Royce, Star Tribune
"As the Girl and the Boy, Stephanie Bertumen and Bowen Cochran[e] thrill.” -John Olive, How Was the Show?
"Bertumen excels as the plucky 'girl', embodying so many of the young women who dreamed of being onstage." -Rebecca Marx, Rift

Right, Wrong, or Bomb! A Dating Musical

Backyard to Broadway Productions

Purple Cloud

Mu Performing Arts

Twelfth Night

Mu Performing Arts
"Stephanie Bertumen's Viola holds her own against the madness swirling around her, a tribute to Bertumen's pure charisma." -John Olive, How Was the Show?
"Stephanie Bertumen adds an element of spontaneous energy and spunk as the hapless Viola/Cesario caught in the middle...." -Lisa Brock, Star Tribune
"Bertumen is particularly strong in the role of Viola...." -Eric Prindle, Bad Entertainment 

The Debutante's Ball

History Theatre in partnership with Mu Performing Arts


Casting Spells Productions

"...Hua Mulan tells the truth about why she’s the only princess without a guy, Pocahontas wants to know why her true story got told in such an untrue way, and Princess Badroulbadour (AKA Jasmine) is angry that she’s basically just a prop; all three are played by the bewitching and versatile Stephanie Bertum[e]n." -Liz Byron, Aisle Say Twin Cities
"Stephanie Bertumen slips fantastically from playing a butch Hua Mulan, to an over-sexualized Pocahontas (complete with flying leaves), to a surprisingly second fiddle Princess Badroulbado(u)r (Princess Jasmine in Aladdin)." -Todd O'Dowd, l'etoile


"Flower Drum Song" photos for MPR News article by Marianne Combs 2017 -- photo credit: Evan Frost